The advantages of business consultingBefore the beginning of great changes in the management of the enterprise is confronted by the question: “will improve your business or we can call for professionals?”. Of course, objectively, everyone understands that to solve complex problems, it is best to invite professionals, but, nevertheless, there are many different reasons why it seems that to improve your business and yourself. I will try to uncover than the better private consultant specialist why consultants do not like, and give some advice, it is necessary to call a consultant.

First talk about the advantages of business consulting. Here is not very extensive, but significant, list of known reasons to turn to external consultants for business: Continue reading

A business plan is an attempt to convince yourself that you should not start this businessSo, dear readers, given the success of the previous articles on business planning, I think, continue to be.

Last time we stopped at an introductory topic in business planning, where he focused on quality of ideas, how they arise and how much they cost. Also I offered you to ask questions (if you only plan to start their own business), and think.

I want to highlight the following important points regarding the business plan in General: Continue reading

Financial plan.The creation of a financial plan is the final stage of managerial development of the business plan. Its main objective is to quantify the financial results and success of each unit. The financial plan is a combination of plans of subdivisions and their integration into specific financial indicators.

The content of the financial plan traditionally includes the development of three key financial documents: the profit and loss account, balance sheet, plan of cash flow .

We propose a more advanced contents of the financial plan, comprising the following components: Continue reading

Drafting corrective actionThe main task of the composed business plan is “building a bridge” cope with the emerging divides. The identified gaps become the main task in the plans of the units. If the gap analysis shows that they cannot be resolved within the current plan period, it does not mean that the company will not be able to fix them, but says only that the business will require several planning terms. In this case, to achieve the ultimate goal, it is necessary to define intermediate goals (or subgoals) and execute them sequentially.

Plans units of the company.

Plans of subdivisions must be considered as a detailed plan for the execution of specific actions with a time reference to coordinate the efforts of the enterprise to achieve the goal.

Creation of sales plan. Continue reading

Business planning in the overall planning systemThe variety of plans depending on the classification tag can be grouped as follows:

On the management level: corporate, individual enterprise, Department of enterprise, project, task.

Temporary sign: a perspective (10-15 years), medium term (up to 5 years), annual operational (quarter, month). Type: operational, tactical, strategic, normative (budget).

On temporal orientation in technology development: reactive, inactive, proactive, interactive. Continue reading